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Found some screenies that I haven't posted (quite a few more still hanging around my desktop but they'll have to wait till Thursday. Only 4 days till the big day now and I'm on the Met office website every five minutes. Despite Oxford's mini-monsoon yesterday, the latest forecast is partially sunny, which will do me fine - anything except rain! And tomorrow I have my PGCE interview at Oxford, which is considerably more scary than the wedding at the moment! Remind me again why I want to teach French?!

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Naga RP fun

Had lots of RP and grinding fun last night with muha (Tindrael & Maea). Although, Arwyna really needs to sort out her strategy and technique - I can't even begin to count the number of times I died (the healer!). Oh, well - fun pics...

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So, inspired byocannie's new look I thought I would breathe some fresh air into my journal too!

But, I really want to be able to put a picture at the top or the side. Can anyone help me? I'm useless at html!
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